The Cyber Crime Law

The usage of the internet and the computers have always been helpful to people all over the world. Why not? Everything is in there. Whether you want people to know what you are doing, or if you want to research something, surely, with just one click of the search button, everything can be found.

However, little do people know that there are certain standards when it comes to the usage of the internet. Violating such rules would mean that you are in trouble under the cyber crime law.

Now, let us know this law more so that violations would be minimal.

How do we know it is cyber crime?

Cyber crime is committed by targeting a certain computer which involves both the hardware and the software. It is known to be cyber crime once the computer and other forms of technology are known to be a weapon in committing a crime. Moreover, cyber crime can also be classified once there is storage of information that is needed in cases. Lastly, stealing information from the computer is also considered to be a crime, and this includes viruses.

What are the common types of cybercrime?

Cyber crime involves the usage of a computer or other devices. The computer can be used on a network, or it could also be a direct target. The ones listed here are the most common types of cybercrime. So, it is very important to know, or else you will be liable and remember that “Ignorance of the law excuses no one..”

  1. Cyber Harassment

These days, people like to speak their minds out especially in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. However, if you directly attack a person because of his or her gender preference, racial ethnicity, age, religion and much more, then you are committing a cyber crime.

  1. Stalking

People who keep on stalking other people’s lives can also be charged with cyber crimes and are liable to the law.

  1. Cyberbullying
  2. Identity Theft

Identity theft often happens when somebody gets other people’s information so that they can do some other actions like application for car loans, credit cards, or even booking a flight out of town. A lot of criminals use the email to get some information like diverted e-mails will be with them once you click a certain button. Some criminals also send e-mails or text messages saying that the owner has owned a good amount of money but then requires to give personal details first.

  1. Fraud

Fraud happens when they do some misleading activities that could cause the loss to an owner and a benefit to the criminal. A good example of fraud includes changing a certain system or network so that the application will not work properly. Then, personal and vital information could be generated and sometimes, lead to financial scams.

What are the punishments for cyber crime?

Cyber crime is punishable by law, and the punishment depends on the gravity of the crime committed. Very simple crimes can cause the person to give out fines, but greater activities can result in imprisonment for months or even up to ten years or more.


Cyber crimes are prevalent these days because people of all ages have access to computers and the internet. The courts have taken cyber crimes very seriously because they can cause loss to property especially money, they can destroy reputations and even can take lives away, and they waste a lot of time.

Cyber crimes can be avoided if people would surely follow the slogan, “Think before you CLICK..”