The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Your Worship Background

With the emergence of inexpensive video projectors and worship media software, church leaders are no longer restricted to what’s in the chorus book. Now they can make their selection from a full variation of songs while presenting the lyrics on a screen for the congregation to enjoy.

The advantage of casting lyrics onto the screen this way is that more worshipers are able to up to lift their eyes out of their hymn books and raise their hands in worship. Many found that the use of an easy worship background video format to be the simplest way to enhance their personal worship to God.

Using projection offers way more flexibility than merely projecting lyrics. Worship leaders are able to enhance the music portion of the worship service by adding a variety of elements, including free backgrounds.

Selecting a Suitable Slide Background

Special care needs to be taken when selecting a worship background for your lyrics. Some church leaders favor the use of a solid black background to project the lyrics in white or yellow.

Others try to form an identity through using a church emblem on the screen. But to make the most of your projection efforts, one should choose church graphics media that will compliment the overall theme of the song or service.  On the other hand, if your media software allows, you could make use of a looping video instead.

For instance, if the congregation is singing a song about evangelism, then it would be best to select a background image to show a crowd of people or the earth. Make use of a picture of the cross if the song is about the crucifixion of Jesus. During Christmastime, one could make use of a background that reflects the Nativity or of a newborn baby.

Whatever video or background image you choose to use, ensure the lyrics are clearly legible as you want to enhance the worship of God and not distract from it. Opt for background colors that would not obscure the font color. Adding a shadow in the right place will also help.

Should the lyrics still not be clearly visible, then you can always position a semi-transparent rectangle over the slide, such as a black box that has a 50 percent transparency. As long as you move the lyrics to the front of the rectangle, everything should be just fine. This technique tends to work well when using an image as the background of your message.

Putting Scriptures to Good Use

During interludes in solos or the music presented, why don’t you show a relevant verse of the Bible? You’ll find it especially meaningful when the song is based on a particle Bible verse. Doing so is educational as it will show the congregation that the scripture is based on the Bible.

Scriptures can also be displayed to be read aloud while introducing the song to be sung. Now, that is an easy way to transition into a more reflective song set.

The Benefit of Adding Multimedia to Your On Screen Presentation

Short video background media can be inserted into your presentation to be used as to set the mood, to be used as transitions, or to get the congregation to reflect on a particular question or issue. Make sure that the video does not interrupt, but rather enhance your worship to God.

Another great idea is to put a slideshow together for the congregation to watch while they listen to a selected song. This works quite well when a particular message is in need of highlighting. In cases like these, you may want to make use of a variety of photos or images that show a particular mission field.

Depending on the media software you’re making use of, you might be able to utilize looping videos as a background material for your lyrics as it allows for greater flexibility. Guard against going overboard as it should be your mission create the right atmosphere for worship and not overly impress the congregation with state of the art technology from church organizations like ShareFaith.

It sure is easy to elevate the impact your presentations make by incorporating the suggestions made over here and play around with some of your own ideas. All it takes is a bit of creativity, prayer and worship website backgrounds material to praise the Lord in a befitting manner.