Modern Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

From standard to modern ceiling fans to the more fantastic looking ones, these heating and cooling appliances come in a vast array of designs, types, and sizes. Some of you may think why ceiling fans are still in the game of interior decorating and used as coolers and air conditioners in the light of so many other options still available.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Ceiling fans nowadays offer much-needed coolness and warmth regardless of which season it is. Even better, these are super energy efficient.

Furthermore, ceiling fans are a sure favorite among interior decorating firms as they prove to be among the selected few appliances that serve a two-fold purpose in that they function as a cooling device and form part of a focal point of interest in any room.

To top it all, ceiling fans present excellent features in that they help users save tremendous amounts of energy while adding beauty and comfort simultaneously.

Various Categories, Brands, and Types of Modern-Day Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are prevalent in the U.S. and not without reason. They function superbly as slow-moving cooling fans, do not make too much noise, and are extremely energy efficient.

Numerous manufacturers fabricate ceiling fans. Some of these are brands like Hunter, Westinghouse, Minka Aire, Harbor Breeze, Monte Carlo, to name a few.

Ceiling fans are also categorized into two; namely indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Some fans are meant to be used outdoors and others not. Usually, indoor fans cost a lot less than outdoor fans.

This brings us to the Ceiling Fan Types

BlueTooth Ceiling Fans

Can you believe it that there are now ceiling fans that you can operate via BlueTooth? All through your smartphone. How wonderful! Numerous fans now come equipped with this feature. The ceiling fan control is offered separately.

Any three-speed pull chain fan that is equipped with an AC motor and manual reverse switch will work quite well with BlueTooth technology. Some models include; Hunter, Casablanca, Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, GE, Minka Aire, Emerson, Westinghouse, and Craftmade.

One smartphone can handle more than one ceiling fan as long as you have a BlueTooth receiver on your phone.

Flushmount Ceiling Fans

These fans are also known as the hugger due to their low profile in that they can be directly attached to your ceiling rather than hanging it from a rod. They are great features for ceilings with a height of only 7.5 and 8 feet.

The fan blades of the flush mount ceiling fan range between 6 to 10-inches compared to the standard 12 to 14-inches. Unfortunately, they lack sufficient airflow due to the shorter distance between the ceiling and the blades.

Transitional Ceiling Fans

This type is a crossover from the contemporary ceiling fan styles and the traditional ones. They feature smooth lines that are less geometric than the contemporary ones and are more up to date.

The most popular of the transitional fans are the latest designs that feature a built-in uplight. What comes to mind is the Montecarlo St.Ives 54 and Emerson Carrera Grande.

Contemporary Ceiling Fans

These fully complement modern interior designs of homes as they feature modern style finishes and neutral colors. Because of this, they are an excellent choice for someone who desires a functional conversation piece that is not too over the top. Examples are the Modern Fan Pensi, Quorum Daystar, Montecarlo Turbine, Rivetta II, Modern Fan Velo, etc.

Traditional Ceiling Fans

These are known for their elegant and classic designs. They were formerly seen as annoying but comes in a wide variety of classical accents these days. Furthermore, they remain a feasible way to move and regulate air temperatures.

The fans are great for spaces that feature limited ceiling clearances. What comes to mind would be the Hunter Outdoor Original, Emerson Premium Select, and Savoy House Indra 55.

Dual Head Ceiling Fans

The fans veer entirely away from being traditional as they feature a dual head. These models provide bursts of air in a direction that it points at. They usually rotate on their axis. Therefore, they create an improved cooling effect that produces a more intense airflow. You will come across models like the Matthews Fan Co and Duplo-Dinamico Metal.

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